CFMoto Bike Price in Nepal 2024

Do you also want to know the CFMoto bike price in Nepal ? So you have come to the right place. In this post we told you about CFMoto bike price in Nepal. In this post we will tell you which CFMoto bikes are the most popular in Nepal right now. and We will tell you about the price, specification and features of the bike.

CFMoto ST Papio is the cheapest model among CFMoto bikes in Nepal with prices starting at 241,500. CFMoto's most expensive bike is CFMoto 650MT, which costs Rs 1,650,000. CFMoto's most popular bikes include CFMoto 650NK (Rs 1,550,000), CFMoto 400GT (Rs 941,500), CFMoto 400NK (Rs 790,000), CFMoto bikes Upcoming to Nepal include.

CFMoto Bikes Price List In Nepal

CFMoto Bikes Model Bikes Price
CFMoto 650NK Rs 1,550,000
CFMoto 650MT Rs 1,650,000
CFMoto 150NK Rs 350,000
CFMoto 250NK Rs 525,500
CFMoto 250SR Rs 690,000
CFMoto 400GT Rs 941,500
CFMoto 400NK Rs 790,000
CFMoto ST Papio Rs 241,500